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16th June 2024 
Relationship and Psychosexual Therapy. couplewater

What is relationship and psychosexual therapy

Most couples who come to relationship and psychosexual therapy are trying to improve their connection and enjoyment in their relationship. Relationship therapy can help individuals or couples (of all orientations) address and deal with a number of issues including intimacy, communication issues, arguments and conflicts, infidelity, trust issues, balancing roles in the relationship and life transitions such as moving or having a baby. Couples are welcome to attend individually or together.

Psychosexual therapy is a specialised area of therapy which helps individuals and couples (of all orientations) work through some of their sexual difficulties. All the work in the therapy room is based on talking. Sometimes couples might be sent with some tasks to do in the privacy of their own home, as part of a treatment plan that I will work on with the individual or the couple during the therapy sessions. Psychosexual difficulties in women might include: lack of desire, pain during intercourse (dyspareunia, vaginismus), difficulty reaching orgasm (anorgasmia), fear of sex. Psychosexual issues in men might include: Lack of desire, difficulty in achieving or maintaining erection, premature or delayed ejaculation, fear of sex.